The Weeknd Reveals First Official Sneaker

Singer The Weeknd has revealed his first sneaker with Puma. The brand ambassador took to his Instagram account yesterday and uploaded several images of the new kicks. Named “Parallel”, the shoe takes on more of a boot like shape and comes in three colors. You will be able to purchase the XO Puma sneakers in either white, olive or grey. All of which sit atop an all white sole.

When asked about who he’d like to see wearing his shoes The Weeknd responded:

To be honest, I just want to see everyone wearing it. I want it to be part of pop culture. I want to walk down the street and see kids wearing it and women wearing it. I want to see the pope wearing it. I want to see [Barack] Obama wearing it. I want to see Elon Musk wearing it.

Priced at $220, the shoes will become available on August 24th at retailers such as Kith and Barney’s. Check out a few images of the Parallel sneaker below and let me know what you think.

The Weeknd Puma sneakers parallel

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